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Cooling tower site inspections, expert advice on fill selection, test data interpretation, proper tower operation, tower sizings and upgrade return on investment

Evaporative cooling towers are a critical element of most industrial and utility cooling systems since they have a significant impact on overall system efficiency. For example, a fouled fill section will reduce a cooling tower's performance by restricting airflow, thus impacting cooling. A poorly maintained or damaged water distribution system will have the same effect. Our services, outlined below, can help optimize your cooling tower's performance and increase plant efficiency or product through-put.

Services Offered:

Existing Cooling Tower Thermal Performance Assessment

With computer modeling, your tower can be analyzed to determine its true cooling potential.

Performance Test Oversight and Evaluation of Results

There are a myriad number of variables that play a role in determining a tower's thermal capability. With our oversight, the most accurate assessment will be assured.

Cooling Tower Thermal Sizing and Rating  

Regardless of type: be it natural, induced or forced draft; counter or cross flow, we can model your existing tower or provide guidance in selecting the most cost-effective new tower for your plant or process.


Cooling Tower Seminars

Seminars can be customized to fit your specific needs.

A few examples:

- Cooling Tower Basics

- Cooling Tower Operation

- Cooling Tower Theory 

- Cooling Tower Testing


Performance Upgrade Options and Recommendations 

Cooling towers can be upgraded with modern components to achieve significant performance gains. We can help determine the most cost effective upgrade options and return on investment (ROI).

Component Recommendations

There are many fill, drift eliminator and nozzle options available on the market today. We can help identify the components best suited for your upgrade project.

Technical Bid Assistance and Critical Bid Review

- New tower and upgrade specifications must be written in accurate and concise language in order to obtain the quality and performance required. With our knowledge of current industry standards of the various components and materials required for a project, we can help prepare your spec to achieve your project goals.

- Once your bids are received, we can help you determine which offerings meet or exceed your project specifications.

On-Site Thermal and Post-Work Q/A Inspections

- An on-site thermal inspection can provide a detailed assessment of where improvements are needed for peak operating efficiency.

- A post-work Q/A inspection can assist in determining if the contracted work was performed in accordance with your specification and industry recognized standards.

Expert Witness and Litigation

As a Professional Engineer with over 37 years in the industry and with world-wide experience in cooling tower technology, I am uniquely qualified to serve as your technical expert in litigation resolution.

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