MRL Cooling Tower Software

RACTC is proud to continue the MRL legacy of supplying software developed for cooling towers by industry expert, Marcel Lefevre. Marcel Lefevre's cooling tower career spanned over 50 years and his software has been in use by leading cooling tower manufacturers and rebuild specialists around the world since 1988.


MRL software now runs on any computer with MS Windows operating system 7, 8 & 10 with either 32 or 64-bit microprocessors. The software is provided on a 4 GB, copy-protected USB flash drive and is completely portable, which means no installation is required. It runs in a self-contained, emulated DOS window. 


Software currently available

IDCF - Rating/sizing of evaporative, induced-draft, counter flow cooling towers 


IDXF - Rating/sizing of evaporative, induced-draft, cross flow cooling towers


FDCF - Rating/sizing of evaporative, forced-draft, counter flow cooling towers 


NDCF - Rating/sizing of evaporative, natural draft, counter flow towers   


NDXF - Rating/sizing of evaporative, natural draft, cross flow towers   


CFPC - Performance curve plotting for induced-draft, counter flow cooling towers      


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Software notes:


  • All software utilizes dual units (US customary and SI) except where noted
  • IDCF, IDXF, FDCF and NDCF can model cooling tower performance with both fresh and seawater
  • All software is copy protected. Source code is not provided
  • The look and feel of the software is exactly like the version provided by MRL on 3.5 in. floppy disks. It is pure DOS and as such, not mouse active
  • A completely revised PowerPoint user manual in PDF format is included on the USB flash drive for all programs purchased


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